Thursday, November 26, 2009

changes into 2010

Under a insidious barrage of 'cunts' and 'dicks' and 'faggots' I bring you this - the crude decade - the journal of living. The life lived. Naked without an mp3 player on foot in this pokey little town, i think back to the armoured days of Winter '09 where i'd wrap up in a disgusting out-of-style suede jacket and plug my ears up with positive affirmations and hexes and creeping synth figures. So as to block out the george straza dialogos. The righteous egalitarian hoards brandishing secateurs spattered with poppy-pulp.

Anyway my family, you who live and let live - next year the blog adress adjusts again.
Here's the LINK:

news - release party for the Annual Crude DVD is DECEMBER 18 at CHICKS HOTEL in Port Chalmers. The Aesthetics also perform, and alos special guest Nick Knox.

Also, december 5th Crude performs at NONE BASEMENT with the torturers et al.

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