Thursday, November 26, 2009

changes into 2010

Under a insidious barrage of 'cunts' and 'dicks' and 'faggots' I bring you this - the crude decade - the journal of living. The life lived. Naked without an mp3 player on foot in this pokey little town, i think back to the armoured days of Winter '09 where i'd wrap up in a disgusting out-of-style suede jacket and plug my ears up with positive affirmations and hexes and creeping synth figures. So as to block out the george straza dialogos. The righteous egalitarian hoards brandishing secateurs spattered with poppy-pulp.

Anyway my family, you who live and let live - next year the blog adress adjusts again.
Here's the LINK:

news - release party for the Annual Crude DVD is DECEMBER 18 at CHICKS HOTEL in Port Chalmers. The Aesthetics also perform, and alos special guest Nick Knox.

Also, december 5th Crude performs at NONE BASEMENT with the torturers et al.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Hi there, I hear you're scanning blogs lately. Hi . My names Matt Middleton, I'm a nobody from a tiny lil' town called Dunedin in that lil' blip of a country called New Zealand, just south of Australia. Hope you enjoy scanning my blogs, and everyone elses! I hope you enjoy the anecdotes and, ok, I must admit, some of my ranting is a little wayward, a little deluded. I hope you extract something out of these blogs, you can test the political mood here, our planning, what we're talking about, our habits, how we respond to legislation and major world events, where the anti-establishment voices are hiding out etc. I have nothing to hide, and will keep voicing my opinion. We all know we have the camera wedged up our assholes, thats old news. Even here, in rural NZ. I know you can tell if i have dandruff from a satellite, I know you can read this, my bank details, my personal records, my medical history, where i conduct my eftpos transactions, what im buying, eating, shitting out. I hope this HELPS. I may indeed be a REAL THREAT to your nation. I could hold the key. I could be the link. Who knows with whom i conduct business. Well, yeah, you do. I buy coca-cola from the dairy. Down the road.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

grandmother - new track

november 4 2009

Waiting in the wings

Your daily performance is about to begin
Tighten your grip
Around the charm
Your grandmother left for you
Will it bring fortune
or will it be madness
will it burn your bridges forever Amen

The track ‘Grandmother’ by Matt Middleton aka Crude is representative of one facet of his various new aesthetic approaches to music. Nowadays Crude is often recording music that is acoustic in nature, recording production becoming less and less important - the aesthetic value residing within the atmosphere generated and the lyric content. Middleton is playing piano and bass recorder here, treating each instrument with effects near the end of the piece. Over this year Crude has recorded many electro-acoustic works playing with woodwinds and voice. oh i love writing in the 3rd person. me. him. it.