Wednesday, October 28, 2009

how great thou art

Every so often a blog about music seems a little fanciful and a blog regarding the true horror of life a necessity. Some days require it. To witness and hear and digest what one does about the machinations of the world, we write to formulate our idea.

The great northern hemisphere. Here i sit in this little remote spot, truly removed from the big grown-up behemoth that is the great northern hemisphere. The seething, churning, bubbling broth that is the northern hemisphere. Sophisticated and majestic and lined with deep veins of blue. Its industry - many and varied. Here is one of them: the traffic of women and children from east to west. To satiate the needs of the great western men. A thriving multi-billion dollar a year industry. A constant demand, a constant supply. A flourishing organisation to administrate it. Its success as an enterprise lubricated by thousands of corrupt politicians, police, lawyers, judges, customs officials, military, real-estate owners, media, doctors, shipping companies, logisiticians,city councils, bankers and accountants. All complicit and on the take. Legalization of the industries connected to mafias is in no-ones interest. Not the state, not the law, not the corporates, certainly not the mafias. On and on and on the juggernaut rolls. And it grows and grows and grows. Age old cultures of misogyny and misanthropy fuel to this fire. Oh the great entrepreneurial spirit! The wonders of late modern capitalism, true freedom! Capitalism - the only truly moral system! The great
oppurtunities afforded you by this system! "Come with me to London Anya, you'll earn more in one week than your mother does in a year. A better future awaits you!". There's money to be made! There's gold in them there hills. The market will sort it out. Let the market decide. Of course, it is not only black markets and organised crime whose works are nefarious - hundreds of legitimate enterprises foster pain and death and they have their hands in all the right pockets. The world is a vile and gnarley network of sick, corrupt operations. And no 'benevolent' enterprise is left untarnished for all interlocks. The picture is painted: It will not and can not be stopped - for it is a machine - a self replicating and self administrating machine. This is what I learn. And they wonder why I prefer a life of subjectivity and repose and isoloation and intoxication. Oh yes - we are the lazy ones, the foolish ones. We who do our best to step outside of this sick world, look in, and, using our various mediums, display what we see back to the world - allbeit in opaque and cryptic forms.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

'Beta Test' music film

a simple video concept set to a crude track from 1997, the classic 'beta test', which was featured on the dirtlove/artless intent cassette 'Informtik 105' (now available as a cdr) and also transcribed to acetate 12" in the form of the 1998 stabbies and the rocket title 'beta test'....

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cold Black Waves

From the up coming data dvd 'archive 2009' (gosh - imaginative title) this hour long, well, 55 minute piece is an experiment in slowing sound down as much as possible. The piece revolves around a short sample of human exclamations and ecstatic utterances. As is typical with 'Dark Ambient' music, reverb is liberally applied to the affected area. There is a persistent high-pitched tinitus-type-tone that weaves throughout the piece, which may annoy some sonophiles. Think of it as, um, errr, the tv in the backround. Cold Black Waves shares similarities with the piece 'Jupiter', on the classic 'UHF-F9' cdr/cassette. Best listened to at night with the moon in crescent form with a full view of the stars, near a body of water after several glasses of expensive red wine and a handfull of psilocybin containing mushrooms. No - best listened to after just killing a hangover headache with 6 panadol, on looking out the window and witnessing an overcast grey day in an industrial area, and deciding not to leave the house for a week. Whatever. enjoy . or not. byeee for now!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

this strange gulf

This strange gulf i'm feeling - its like a strange anger - a grey murky miserable hatred. How much prime information can one take - that premium internet culled and life conjoured data that screams at you how utterly screwed we truly truly are. How bent and sick this system really is. And all the private interests - how they keep death and pain in perpetuality to keep their shit-eating lifestyles alive and kicking. How they flaunt their sick accumulations of wealth, skimming off more, skimming off more and more and more. Each new method of money-rape a vile and nefarious victory for them. Wealth concentrating tighter and tighter and tighter and in fewer and fewer hands and they keep flaunting it and flaunting it and maintaining their global hold on the masses - using media. Using deep psychology. Using our own fears against us. Taboos. Freud. Public Relations. Fear of shit. Edward Bernays. Carefully formulated regimes, oh you can buy think-tanks, you can buy science, you can buy your very own governments. Fuck it. The misery and skull-fucking day in day out work eat shit die bills bills bills. feed those reptiles. keep feeding those fucking reptiles.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

peasant armies/informationisation

The computers' on the fritz, booting up then switching off then rebooting. A real bitch. And it makes me realize how important these machines are to the Crude mission.
Essential equipment. Crude is basically a digital enterprise now. Conceived, constructed, distributed and broadcast digitally. But that dosent take away from the fact that its a nice sunny day here in Dunedin. Buddies as software. And why not. Facilitate away i say. The new Aesthetics line-up perform for the first time this friday at none gallery. As well as Ducktails from the US of A, the forgotten guests (leyton rotor + & katrina thompson) , and Allllex Mac.\