Monday, August 24, 2009

on invercargill.

The predominant genetic trait within my family on my mothers' side is shortness. You can spot us in the street, a raft of pixie-like southern folk, on the surface down-to-earth, deep down - eccentric, alcoholic, and esoteric. Smallness, in the face, eyes and nose, in the legs and arms - indeed, littleness is our trademark. Southland is the home province of Crude, a small and very conservative area in the southernmost parts of the South Island. Southland is a dairy and sheep farming province - steeped in old money. Theres an aluminium smelter too. In comparison to other provinces in NZ, Southland is fairly wealthy. Its largest city and its capital, Invercargill, is basically a farming town of just over 50,000 people. Its a small town. It cops alot of flack, and is the butt of many jokes New Zealand wide. If you are from there, live up north and tell people about it, you either have to be staunchly proud of it or squirm and apologize. It has its wealthy, and its very poor - its north/south dividing line a classic socio-economic partition. If you don't want to conform - socially or culturally - Invercargill does not provide you with many options - paradoxically freaks are sometimes nurtured and admired as 'characters' - thats if and only if they stay there for life and are outwardly patriotic. It has it's gangs - the most powerful a very ruthless white supremacist biker gang, its rivals are ethnic street gangs and the Mongrel Mob. It has a strange mafia-esque organisation that monopolizes the liscencing of the towns taverns - the Invercargill Liscencing Trust.
Many musical freaks have emerged from the town, most famously Chris Knox. George Henderson of the Puddle lived there. And of course punk and oi had its day in the form of Moral Fibre - their drummer Keiran Monaghan moving to Wellington and branching away from the Oi into free-improv, world music and dada realms. Invercargill's port Bluff has or at least had an extremely tight and passionate metal scene, with religious importance placed on American thrash band Slayer. Invercargills young bands tend to embrace metal, espeically Pantera-esque/Slayer-esque power rifferama. It has a reclusive and very underground bohemian scene. And a smattering of punk-a-billy tottoo culture. It also has its garage punk freaks. The work of Mike Patton is held in very high regard amongst many musicians in Invercargill.
I am from Invercargill. Invercargill taught me self-reliance, how to make my own fun, the need for ambition, that there's nothing wrong with eccentricity so long as its real and from the heart. My roots were Metal. I listen to metal everyday again.
I am listening to Slayer. My best friend in the world lived there (for a while) .
Living in Invercargill taught me about true friendship and how to reject the norms. If i wasnt brought up there, i would not have had any drive to musically reach for the beyond.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

recording progress

...and.....repeat. Locked in in this ever repeating prison of times and dates. Whenever it is or was, it was either on a monday or a tuesday or a wednesday or a thursday or a friday or a saturday or a sunday. Surely a kind of mass hypnosis is acheived with all this repetition, a type of jaded familiarity and regularity, a kind of sub-surface malaise and death. 'What a pretty day to die' - ne'er a truer word were spoke , by french new waver Marie Moor .
And it 1.30 on our miserable monday now, the grey sky is still grey.

Whats news? It's just amazing whats' news-worthy these for Crude news... a little bit of the cruddy opus has made it up onto Itunes, and thats the motley collection of un-kempt and hirsute 'electronic(a) (now that the future is here it almost seems silly to be futuristic - maybe the time for techno is over) tracks that go by the name of 'DOPAMINE 20'. So, go to Itunes, and search and look for it. I cant find it. So you find it. Or buy it off me.
The 'Archive 2009' dvd is coming along nicely, a few track titles thus far:
001. crude - 'um-bobo' bit-beat voudoun slap/tickle
002. crude - 'the call' thoughts of 40 year old man in shit smeared room with beheaded doll, bucket and wearing nappies
003. crude - 'cc cc' usb/lan, high-rad levels & crackle tackle
004. crude - 'diving lights' plop collage
005. crude - 'cold black waves' 50 minutes non-romp - synth goop
006. crude - 'the rain' squirt festival
007. crude - 'orthodoxicon' - naughty out-takes from russian choirs, heavy reverb
008. crude - 'scarface(crude mix)' - naughty remix of haunting moroder synth sequence
009. crude - 'thebaine pt 1/pt2' - more vocal snores/loops/drawls/gurgling
010. crude - 'blog' - made famous at chicks recently - song motivating people to blog and/or snog
011. crude - 'bulb' - uncoordinated bum-beat for squares
012. crude - 'pant' - slimy tremolo melt
013. crude - 'puck' - trickey lite-patter pitter
014. crude - 'ritual' - sexualized hell soundscape
015. crude - 'somnolence' - word play/easy lay

there's more where that came from, the old 'faux' tracks'll be tacked onto the dvd, and whatever else i conjour up over the next few months.

Friday, August 7, 2009

fantasy / fact

As in Guido. Tanning galleries. Factory farms. As in nuptials. Vortex. And pissant. Because we emptied those pockets back in 1989. The not-now. Not-now time, that big thick-skinned black-hearted other. Buddhism recommends not clinging.
Ways and means. "Money is not an issue". Sorry, but no, money is always the issue. Like the kind of people who can "spare no expense". Oh the power of it. Oh the absolute power of money. It can render grown men to snivvling toddlers who'll agree to the most horrid degradations. It can bring whole ecomomies to their knees. At Rockerfellers whim. The whim of the mutli-billionaire is like an earthquake - the psychology of those with that amount of money is a morbid fascination of mine. The ultra-rich. I'm not talking about the multi-millionaire down the road. I'm talking ultra-rich. The kind of people who can uplift who they wish, who can destroy who they wish. Imagine growing up in one of these families. Surely a kind of megalomaniacal psychosis would ensue. Surely. Madness. The power available to you - surely the novelty wears off. It must get boring, surely you'd end up joining a torture ring or the like to get your kicks. I can only imagine the sadistic games these people could potentially play. They could hire their own armies. Whole mafias. They could infiltrate pharmaceuticals, governments, criminal syndicates, the entertainment industry. Space and defense. Scientific research. Media. The courts. Real estate. Construction. Education. Oh the corruption. Of course, true power is nature herself and fraudulent power like that of money, a human invention, has no true sustainability. But until then - oh the things you could do. And they do.
Say you had a band. Or an act. You could literally buy your way to fame. I would buy a megalithic advertising campaign and pay off the entire infrastructure to favour us. Or maybe that wouldnt even be necessary. You could pay off, lobby, invest and influence the record companies, radio, television, venues, airlines, hotel chains, catering firms, clubs, private bouncers, stadiums, logisticians, local gangs, retail chains like the rock shop, i'd buy huge warehouses, trucks/vans/tractors with Crude insignia, i'd hire only the best graphic design firms - id place ads in prime time, i'd have lawyers, accountants, PR people all at my service..

How very sad. It's probably a good thing that I don't have this 'power'. I think i'll just keep on keeping on with this nanomarketing campaign.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wu :last fm

Hiya. Well, Wu now have a modicum of a online presence, in the form of a fledgling lastfm page. So, go check it out, there's 3 tracks from recent live shows/sessions in it. Will also have a Wu page comnig off the crude site very soon. Thanks for your time.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

recent happenings/review/introducing WU/futures

A lil' review of the Aesthetics/Bastardwisher/Stevie McCabe gig is nestled over at the Axemen blog/archive HERE. A couple of mini-vids tacked on too! The youtube stage clips cleverly disguise the soul-destroying, almost surreal psycho-drama(s) that unfolded behind the camera that night but hey....the show went on didn't it. I had all the energy of a slightly melted piece of plastic when i crawled on stage but the show did go on. And, well, its all gone.
Under the bridge. Where i drew some blood.
Did the whole 'concept' thing the other night at the Chicks bar to a fairly spartan but quality audience..thanks to everyone who came out, hope y'all derived some form of pleasure from it all, this was an experiment in the use of the WORD as a musical/percussive physical sound item. Many simple repeated slogans and sections of dialogue.. Think it went down well. I think. Stuff's been fairly strained lately but spring is on its way here in new zealand and with it that lovely revitalizing ambience y' get. Oh yes, lovely. Like a good long psychoanalysisis sesh on a good long leather couch with a goatee'd dude in the finest Irish tweed. Like a thousand invites to a million facebook events you didn't know about but do now and will never forget about again. Spring with updates. And I'd like to take this oppurtunity to (re)introduce WU, which you've probably already heard of but anyway this is an improv trio: Lee Noyes on drums, Alex MacKinnon on guitar/pedal array and Middleton on sax/clarinet/shawm. Very propulsive and exploratory stuff i suppose you could say - I bleat on , pull the mouthpiece out and whistle etc, some screaming, some warbling, slow vibrato, trills, overblown arcs, scratches, octave hopping, key popping, staccatto sections, processional shawm lines for the exotic effect, clarinet for its richer timbre and creepier resonances. Alex scratches out some searing gat with that hyper-kinetic energy that's his trademark, and Lee, all my years i've never had the pleasure of jamming with a more intricate and adventurous cans man. Intra-band flattery. Healthy? Maybe, maybe not. So now i just shut up. I'll construct a myspace page for the band etc, the project will be equally aligned with any online forums or activities that Lee and Alex administrate - Wu is an egalitarian triad as much his as his as mine. You dig??
Wu: L:mackinnon. R:me with something in my mouth again.

Wu: l.mackinnon c.noyes. r.middleton

So, anyways, the future. Aesthetics have had a shake up and will appear in a new form next time. All is platonic and benevolent. Shit happens. Crude will continue on as it always has, it'll never end , not until the last copy of a copy of a copy of a crude cd is vapourized.
Not until every crude mp3 is torn organ-like from the architecture of the internet, which is impossible coz i can't remember all my passwords... And what a couple of months! Its been the year of the narcissist. Famous people dying, people killing people, facebook encroaching further and further into real-life. Theres just too much going on, yet not enough. Too many events, too many updates to maintain. Too many posters. Too many brands of energy drink. Too much scatalogical data all the time. Thee eternally updating world. A thousand events. Strangers strung together at events, all the while overlooked by this huge and ugly utility/presence, like a jealous god, a mile long ufo hovering in stasis, our motives all facebook fodder. A when you get together it's like your just a version of your facebook page, when its supposed to be the other way round...and STILL i update it...then again, it IS a nice way of keeping in touch.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

And life moveth ever forward
. And we reap what we sow. And we bleat and we blow. In the sleet unt the snow.