Wednesday, May 27, 2009

FAUX (2009) now on the Internet Archive...

track listing slightly different than thee version.

live - never perfect, always fun.

I truly now believe, after years of practice, and never quite achieving perfection live, that you are never gonna get a live show without un-predictable fuck-ups, the sound being somehow shitty, something breaking, something being out of tune, madness and tantrums by either one member of the band or all members of the band, or the audience members, someone in the band not being able to hear the other instruments properly, why, all manner of problems. And so I state it for you now - and you are most likely already well aware of this : A LIVE SHOW IS NOT A RECORDING, IT WILL BE MESSY, NO MATTER HOW PRACTICED and MUSICAL PROFICIENT WE (THINK WE) ARE, THERE WILL BE TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES, SOMETIMES IN ABUNDANCE. This is what a live gig should be. It is truly the atmosphere created by the band that denotes a 'live show's' beauty, the energy created, the reference and re-interpretation of those recordings you know and love, the alcoholic gnosis, the social co-factors, the mob-mentality, the party afterwards, the haze, the fog'n'dimness, the yellng into your friends ear, the improvised sections....every band in history has fucked up live. Unless they're corporate robots. So there. Perfection, as inhuman as it is, is something to be worked towards (in vain of course) in the studio. So, bare this in mind when you go see The Aesthetics or Crude next. A live gig is a live gig.

the nth island tour report


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crude Auckland live-to-air


---basically a bit of juno 60 spit'n'polish with delay effect, slightly soused sax blather-bake, grindhouse juggernaut synth greul, and blip chaser


---where i say not-very-much in quite a few words.

the full daif kent fleet fm show - lotsa music!

--the golden axe man's '2 dollar show' on is great listening - i espeically like the track '2001 ways to love me' by cortina. Haunting!

Monday, May 18, 2009


Have been in wellington, am in auckand
historically a very rich abundant centre for anger prose/poetry on my part
more news coming soon..........

Thursday, May 7, 2009

crude wellington : instore appearance


Monday, May 4, 2009


....back from a self-sufficient world where the concept of rent is laughable, where living off the land is the default, where the land is communal and yours forever amen, where you are the nation and the nation is you, where your mere existence is a right to a living. That was Samoa. And now im back to New Zealand, maybe the most liberal property/land markets in the world, the polar opposite of the samoan system: any entity private corporate or both could buy up any micro/macro hunk of 'dis land and use it for bilderbuger satanic ritual abuses...and it makes me wonder.
And racing this time we got a northward trek in less than a fortnight, the Aesthetics and Crude playing Wellington on the 16th of May at the Adelaide bar with Zombie?Fuck! and a guest act (that ole' filler phrase) , The Aesthetics, The Spunks and Celia & th' Cigarettes at Whammy bar thurs 21st of May in Auck, The aesthetics, Piece War, The AXEMEN! and The Hairdo's at the Ambassador bar in Pt Chev on friday the 22nd of May.
This is the 'big push', bringing ambitious amounts of fresh vinyl to our great northern city states.
And the big news - Flipper play Auckland and wellington soon.

And the little news, Dunedin city life, dunedin city pressure. Life, living, and lives. Go ahead, break out the knives. Don't forget to swap your wives. I've suddenly broken out in hives. We go to Auckland with nothing to lose. Nothing, except copies of that overly simplistic bum rock album i keep talking about. And why not? Its not like Sony is doing us any favours. And you know what? Fuck em. Fuk em all. My allegiance is to you, the reader, not some reptilian record industry interest. The new method is the new method. roll it over in the mind. This is the new industry model - a low to the ground street level viral approach that is constantly changing. It is pure chaos and only the chaotees will make it through. Them or the choronzonic chameleonic types. and those loud,perpetually compensatory napoleonic types.

Sales of last years dvd
" L'archivio dei lavori ultimati da Matt Middleton per l'ANNUNCIO 2008 di anno" --' have dipped a little, but the disc has managed to worm its way into some important libraries (national,hocken,audio foundation archives)$ and music collections. I am very proud of this work, i listened to it as i circumnavigated (on wheels) Samoa and my lord what a juxtaposition it provided to the paradisical scenery.

what else? lord knows.

lordy lordy lordy.

he told me not to hoardy,.