Thursday, February 19, 2009

Kenji Siratori and Crude - 'Alien Extermination' goes free!

After a few years for sale, this absolute classic collaboration by myself and bizarre Japanese cyber-punk writer Kenji Siratori has now been put up online at for free. yep, this last week at Crude hq has been a spasm of uploading and digital altruism - simply to enhance the aesthetic lives of those perhaps not daring enough to put money down on such experiments.

direct link to the album at

album page at

Monday, February 16, 2009

Crude - 'Faux' - the FREE RELEASE FOR 2009!

Yes, with all this work on 'Ugly Ambition' it's good to slip in a little Crude action, and here is your free release for 2009, much like Syringe Insekt was last year, and 'Slurries volume two' the year before that. Also - the web-site has finally been updated. Anyways - heres the dirt:
Crude - 'Faux' (56:45)

1. Beat Tactique (8:26)
2. Video Video Video (9:48)
3. The Nines (5:17)
4. Opiophobicon (9:46)
5. Decade (23:25)

‘Faux’ is the official FREE RELEASE by experimental electronic artist Matt Middleton/Crude for 2009. Based in Dunedin, New Zealand , Middleton has amassed an impressive back-catalogue of works, and every so often a title is released for free via the net. As with the free release from 2008, ‘syringe/insekt’, the album is the first selection of works for the year and will be included in the official Crude release, a data dvdr featuring all videos, blogging, and music recorded by Matt Middleton for 2009, released late December 2009.
Also soon to be released free online is the album "Alien extermination' by Kenji Siratori and Crude. Info for this release can be found here

stream and download

album page

cover art

2009 dvd page

crude audio suite 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

end timez list..

here's the setlist for the radio one natural selection...if you listened to the show i mentioned i'd provide info on the artists if you're at all interested so i've hypertexted the artistes..
set 1 -

the caretaker - persistent repitition of phrases
abandoned place - untiltled track
esplendor geometrico - anima triz
anenzephalia - abiding broadcast contamination
natasha barrett - three fictions (northern mix) in the rain
luc ferrari - track from the album 'cycles des souvenirs (1995-2000)
thomas koner - nuuk (night)
asmus tietchens - tielmenge_39
bernard parmegiani - etudes elastique
dome - this
marie moor - pretty day
crude -cardboard bohemian
alu - camarillo boogie
catalogue - KGB-CIA
arthur doyle - something for casserlo, larry and irma
von lmo - leave your body
phonophani - kreta
coh - 7
crude - decade 2 (radio edit)
the aesthetics - friday
alvin lucier - music for...