Friday, January 30, 2009

oh 9

Dunedin city is blossoming once more, bright eyed young things are streaming into the city all cute and energetic and magical. The cynical guardians of Dunedins' occult bohemian lore'n'legend ghoulishly anticipate their next quota of souls to seduce into apprenticeship. The banks tailor package deals and overdrafts and loans. The city's economy is fattened up a little. Local music heroes strategically get seen and stake their claim as the business.
Was good to see some new faces at last nights sensory adventure, noise is still hip, noise will define 2009. That and heavy psychedelic. And experimental electronic. And the young crowd are discovering it all at a superluminal net-mediated pace. In the USA it's all about folk, a kind of luddite revolution, a reaction to all the machinistic clutter and android indifference that betokens computers, but here we lag behind a little and that suits me.
The Oh9 show was a visceral merger of new electronic art and wild music. The evening began with the art - several installations by several artists---each one a joy to behold. Most notable, well, you couldn't help but hear it anyway was Pete Gormans' installation - micro-cameras and oscillators and crackle and static and wailing electro-noise to explain was filmed by a micro-camera, the image was gravely and black/white, sorta like yr classic tv-static,or that 'threshold' effect you can play with on photoshop, and as u got closer to the camera the oscillators changed pitch. Groovy effect. Very Affecting. See more of his gadgetry work HERE.
All of the installations were playful, minimalist in spirit and unashamedly digital. Except for Alex MacKinnon's cassette player arrangement, which was unashamedly analogue.
And back to music....that which is easier to write about, (i don't quite feel qualified to review art)what an awesome show! The None basement is really starting to take on a life of it's own as a real inner-city venue option, of course it is a residence but hey--you gotta play somewhere.

Whiskey drinking had retarded my social skills quite markedly - content to talk to myself and babble like an infant I missed a good chunk of the show. But what I saw was indelible. Richard Neave, with Lee Noyes on drums was a delight - Neave, hailing from chch, performed a semi-cathartic, angular guitar improv set, engaging everyone with his scholastic good looks and tall,sinewy gait. Radio Cegeste, another chch act , with guest star Toki wilson, entertained with radio coaxed flotsam and jetsom. If only i new how to sit still I'm sure the meditative wafts would've brought on a satori. And then..the harsh noise camp. Dunedin's first laptop-driven-all-noise-all-the-time act, complete with destruction of stuff. They bashed it up good. That's Bastardwisher man, whew, a dunedin duo, 2 laptops and enough catharsis to heal a small town. Gorgeous wild consistent screaming digital din - like a stream of bloody urine from a badly distended bladder. Great to see in a live setting. They'll be playing with The Aesthetics, Wolfskull and Crude at Sammys 27th of Feb. I have yet to tell Sammy's about the finer points of the bastasrd's act...ach, I'll leave it as a surprise.
If 'Oh9' was a lil' magical ritual to potentiate and ensure a boutifull harvest for the year, we'll sure be eating well in 2009! I wish everyone involved all the very best for the year. May we all overcome our differences, eradicate the need for ego gratification and ugly competition and create constantly and with ever increasing refinement, gain further and further respect in the community and nation for our arts and performances, may new zealand society increasingly become aware of the nobility and indispensability of the creative and reward us accordingly..may the northern hemisphere look to new zealand as a hot-bed of progressive sonic pursuits, may our works be archived and protected for future genrations. May 2009 launch many a career and be a time of gratuitous aesthetic celebration. (oh shut up)

Monday, January 26, 2009


This Sunday, starting at 6pm on Radio One (Febuary the 1st) there'll be another installment of 'the end times jukeboxx'. The focus this time will be film music, dark ambient, obscure new wave, New Zealand music and 20th century music. Radio One streams online HERE
And it's goodbye to the Bush administration.

A review of the fabulous instore at reocrds records last sat'll be posted soon. Missing the Eugene Chadbourne show was a terrible socio-cultural misdemeanour, by all accounts it was a very special performance.

meantime - check out this conspiratorial vid!

and this one:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the puddle

Blog: The Puddle/The Dark Beaks - Chicks Hotel Sat 10 jan -

A lyricist like no other - that's GD Henderson. Such an evil strain - caustic commentary of a profoundly immediate socio-political slick you just wouldn't know it. There's revolutionary science going on there. And my god how romantic it all is. Rose petals coloured red, white and black. And blood spatter. And intra-city travel.
Here's a post-flying band who have seriously gotten their shit together. Small scale -a small business model perhaps- correct and prolific use of web 2.0, slick merchandising, your Puddle experience looked after all the way down to the custom stamp at the door. 3 new albums - all real cds, all backed by a label, reviews in the Listener, some serious gigging - centred on the cities that like it, not wasting any time - a strategic assault. Indeed - a war. And so, they (he) came to Dunedin to perform, to celebrate, as it were - this administrative success - his very executive existence a slap in the face to those corporates who tried to snuff it all out forever amen.
Different crowd than I was used to, a different class? A different age...must've unconciously anticipated this and I suffer this gnarley panic attack on the way out..of course instead of deep breathing it was deep drinking and man, anxiety was transmuted to this sort of goofy confused clown-routine that my girlfriend just cringes at....first
band on was The Dark Beaks - comfortable pop rock of the Dunedin persuasion, middle-of-the-road singer-songwriter stuff , with that Dunedin bent - lead-man Andrew Jameson exuding that rosicrucian/hermetic look with no hair and evil ears,,,nodding into eternity with that guitar.. the place had filled to capacity.
Several goofy faux pas later, The Puddle set up and kicked off - and that familiar hex set in - like that old black cat you know and love so well - those melodies - the new works - the old works -
When groups of Facebook users get together in one space - it's madness. Oh, the possibilities. Oh - no need to talk now - we'll have our communications mediated later's like this wierd psychic vacuum, all these arcs and vectors and selves and non-selves...each person both an individual AND a part of a network - the network is another thing entirely - all types and tiers of discource a possibility - not necesarily now, sometime when you've logged onto facebook...

Saturday, January 3, 2009

as it is now

What a journey. It's strange how the distance between 1994 and 2009 seems less profound than the equal distance between 1964 and 1979 - less tumultuous change perhaps?
Or maybe there has been much more change but it has been masked somewhat? If McKenna was right, paradigm shifts should be occuring every second.

Crude aesthetic approaches for 2009:
Anyway, it's 2009 and the Crude work for the year won't be on offer until December, I envisage the recordings to be highly abstract and ultra-minimalist (simple terms but ideal here). I'll be developing and refining the 'linguistic' and 'word-play' motifs touched on in 2008, darkening and obscuring the woodwind tonal spectrum, everything stripped barer and barer. I'll also take the video piece 'wrk_ethk' as a springboard for further conceptual video works. Quietism. Catatonia. Movement in Stillness. Quantum activity, quantum behaviour. That slight discomfort you get when you seat yourself on a bus and find you are directly opposite someone: oh no! look somewhere, anywhere, avoid eye contact at all costs! Small talk. Obligation. Misery. Routine. Going through the motions. No UFOs, no nothing...

The state of the website, other online guff:
The official crude site requires a tweak or two right now (like, the 'myspace' link on the main page goes to a dead link (new link here)and the 'blog' link goes to the old one etc..)but it seems that regular blogging and social networking will 'make up' for that anyway - a lot of people don't even bother with web-sites at all anymore. The site will always be there for the sake of reference (don't all go there at once...yeah right) - the backcatalogue all credit card ready and charming with its basic html layout...

No crude gigs till....LINES OF FLIGHT 2009! (oh what a disaster!! yeah right)
..This event should occur around the smae time as the release of the Wire magazine compilation New Zealand music - which includes...Crude. The track is 'blackened, deadened keys', a searing, populsive synth-motorcycle videogame horror-psych slab'o'fuzz/noise.
the aesthetics
the LP will be available in feb/march.