Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The hills are alive. The hills have eyes. The Austrian man has a nice face. Maria. Maria. You're not the right man for me. I enjoyed every moment together. I shall return to Vienna. Somewhere out a young lady....that i think,...will never be a N UN...auf weidersein ass-wipe! BIGGER! REDDER! BALLZIER! He's the biggest, baddest, killer this prison has ever seen! Nothing is what it seems. Earn the jersey. Earn the jersey. Liquid blast. Furry feeling. 75% off. I get more. A storm of savings.
You're gorgeous. I'd 'do anything for you. Works for up to 8 hours. I'd drive a motorbike thorugh Africa. I thought I ..just might find you here. No no,,,sit down...sit down...please..ha ha ha . You know..i was wondering two things.........I had an obligation to fullfill...Zion. rat people. It'll be fine. Sweep 'em under the carpet. But you are to be married. Valence. Valencia. Left. Right. Halt! Creedence. Clarity. Cough. Dead right. The snot annexed from the dead, bloody right. Snot. Reverend mother. Old mother Hubbard. Fleck o' vegemite - asshole's aflame! Yes!!! Yes!!
2009! My favourite protein cream! My favourite vector! My wicked past! My wicked wicked wicked oxygen flask - another vast slime grime crime lotty blot-paper crust core grindcore scum bag rock and roll in a blipper flipper stance austria austria austria --- silly whistle! silly whistle! silly whistle! Nothing comes from Nothing. somewhere in my youth, i must have done something gooood.
rat. Pat. fat. Jack. Lack. Kat. Yak. wack. Pack. Hack. Fact. Quack. Vinyl. viable. Pliable. Filial. Superficial. super-luminal. Pulse-dragon, up me vinyl. Circulatory pump-hump-marriages-r-us.
Marry-that-austro-hungarian-family now! now~! NOW! NOW! NOW!! NOW!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!